We are providing courses for our clients’ employees to get familiar with all the functions of our programs.

The solution to a common announcement problem are semi automated announcements supported by a computer program using pre recorded takes of all kinds of repeated announcements like dates, times, bus numbers, destinations departures, arrivals, hints, whatever.

It goes like this: The user/employee on duty uses a computer, which contains the BusCall program containing all needed announcement data.

He has a numbered list of the announcement data written on paper or in the program window of BUsCall on the computer screen.

In our bus example he knows or sees the number of the arriving or departing busses. He knows the destination.

Before arrival or departure he just types the bus number and the destination number from the list and hits the space key on the computer keyboard.

At simple announcements he just types in the announcement number.

Within milliseconds the program finds the data belonging to the announcements, puts the texts together in until 10 languages and plays them using the client’s existing P.A. system.

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