Search engine optimizing for CEOs

SEO is not rocket science, but the art of communicating honestly with search engines.

We mean this exactly the way we say it: The most important factor in search engine optimization is honesty. Think of the search engines as of an intelligent person with whom you communicate on an equal footing. Our clients have to decide over and over again what they say publicly, to benefit for their company.  We are guiding our clients to treat the search engines like valuable PR partners.

Search engine companies like Google, Bing and others tell us what they want to see where. Just listen to them and give them what they want. That cannot be too difficult. Nevertheless often so called SEO experts think they can do better than the Search engine companies, they even think they can trick them. Admittedly, this can work, but almost always only for a short time. The subsequent response is usually fatal, especially for the clients of such “experts”.

Therefore, we advise our customers to tell the search engines what they would say to an employee or partner, if they want them to make a brilliant advertising campaign.

No one knows better what he need to tell the world, than you, our client. Your input is what the search engines want to know and to transmit by taking you to the top of their results.

Please tell us what you want and how. Our job is to put your testimony and statements in your interest into the search engines so as to enable them to move you to one of the first search engine result pages.

And believe us, we always deliver.


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