THAT’S MP3, Time based playing

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The program THAT’S MP3 starts always with all 3 checkboxes in the TBP-mode-window down left ENABLED.

That means after power failure the program goes into the "panic directory" and plays randomly sounds from there until the next m3u playlist file is due to be activated. Then it switches back to play that m3u playlist.

The reason is to avoid that the program starts to play the actual playlist (on a timely basis) after power failure.

We want the program to behave like this, because at radio stations every m3u playlist begins with special files with a + , which are not only commercials but also contain a mp3 file, which says the time at full and half hours. If the power failure occurs at e.g. 23:15 h and the program would directly go into the 23:00 h m3u playlist, and play again all commercials and the file with the (now wrong) time announcement.
If we watch the program start and want it to go immediately into TBP mode AND into the actual m3u file, we would hit the STOP button.

We can also change the starting behavior of the program by putting the command ‘startnext=no’ into the command line.Then the program will go directly into the actual m3u file and play from there.

Connected questions.
  1. Is it possible to have a name text after the date in the name of the PLF files?

  2. Is it possible to have the program in my native language?

  3. Is it possible to change the black background of the songbox in the main window?
  1. Yes, that is possible: After the date and time we can  put any text into the file name of the PLF file, like this: YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS-text.plf  ||  2008-01-07-14-00-00-hotel_mix.plf

  2. Yes, that is possible: Just complete the ‘language.ini’ file in putting in the words and phrases in your native language.

  3. Yes, that is possible: Just use the ‘color.exe’ program in the program folder to find a background color and a font color. Then put the numbers for background and font color into the *ini file.

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