The most important thing on the way to success is a basic concept. If you know what you want and how to get there you are on your way to success.

The nice thing with concepts is that at the beginning you may ask every stupid question that comes to your mind. The better thing is you have to give your questions an order and look for answers. The only tricky thing is that you should write your concept down and look at it. Then all the questions and doubts come up, new ones and old ones. Get used to it! We are all hounted by our doubts. Get over them!

Nothing is more beautiful than thinking about an idea and finding a way to realize it. The idea is your friend, maybe an old one, maybe a new one, but it lights the path you’ll go. Example: You want to sell a book which a friend of yours wrote. He has been rejected by a number of publishers on the grounds that he was not prominent enough to publish a political book. You think he has done an excellent job in research and the result is a blast. So you want to advise him how to publish his book.

Be creative and develop a strategy. The basic idea is that this book is good and important and should be read by hundreds of thousands. So, you and your friend know what you want. Now you must find a way to reach your goal on track. The faster, shorter and more direct this way, the better. You begin again to ask yourself all sorts of questions and find answers for this route. Any realistic option has to be checked. At the end you’ll come to a conclusion. This is your concept. It may mean one or many ways to achieve this goal.

The concept is the basis. The work starts here. If you do a good job at your concept you won’t be confronted with your mistakes at the worst possible moment later.

With a good stategic concept in your pocket, you can go any possible way for realization. You don’t need to go all the way. You can test and research until a certain point and if you don’t like the result, start over again. You always know where you need to go. During the realization process you always compare your idea and your concept with what you are doing. You can judge at all times, whether you are on a line with your concept, and if not, how far you have strayed. Like this, you will always be successful with a well-developed concept.

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