With over 35 years of successful cross media marketing, we have learned that experience is equally vital for success as – without doubt – is creativity.

Marketing cross media and especially on the web is creativity, graphic design skills and smart programming, isn’t it?
No, it is not! It is 80% experience with the topic. You need to know exactly what the client’s business is about, how are the markets he is in, what are his goals and and what sets him apart from the competition. The differences between the various market participants have become so small nowadays, as the difference in lap times in Formula 1 racing. Only with years of experience as a consultant you will be able to bring your clients in pole position.

Ugly to say, but graphic designers and programmers can be employed and paid. You should tell them crystal clear what you want them to do. The better they are, the better they are able to provide you – within the given limits – with great creative achievements and results.

But as an entrepreneur you have to determine the policies yourself. An experienced marketing consultant can be very helpful here. In general, many years of cooperation between client and consultant lead to above-average success results in most cases. Also top results depend less on the creative power of the consultant but more on his ability to gather creative people around him, to encourage them and lead them to top results. Leadership is the word on both sides.

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We are happy to say that we had the opportunity to contribute to many success stories of our clients. With the ability to listen to them, work out a good analysis of their situation, get to know their markets and finding a way to promote their unique offers, we are doing our job in supporting them on their way to success.

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